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Stella's Open Road Trip

Stella is from the UK. She grew up in an environment that consisted of domestic abuse and later married an abusive person-unhealthy relationships is all she ever knew. She found the courage and strength to escape after 18 years of emotional,psychological,physical and economic abuse.

Stella has transformed her life-the founder of Stella's Open Trip and she gives talks about her experience.Her autobiography 'The Right To Be Me' is about her experience and the difficulties she faced.

I heard it on the radio

Driving the car on my own was the only time I would get to listen to the radio, hear the music that I loved and the familiar voice of the radio presenter discussing a wide range of different topic’s during their slot on the radio. On this day I got […]

The missing jigsaw piece

After 18 years I slumped to the floor in an exhausted heap. Thinking what has my life become, constantly adapting to the growing demands of a volcano that would erupt several times a day if they were not met or to their liking. Who would remind me constantly throughout the […]

Was it something I said?

One hand over their mouth, eyes closed tightly whilst their other hand waves frantically signalling to stop this conversation dead in it’s tracks before it goes any further. The fear of acknowledging this could be happening in an area where the live. This is one of many responses I have […]

Spotlight on Stella

Hey I am Stella. Welcome to my blog-Stella’s Open Road Trip. It is about my own personal journey of self-discovery and how I transformed my life completely around- after 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse. The devastation of this had greatly impacted on my physical and mental […]